Write The Vision, Make It Plain  ...At The End It Shall Speak.

Corporate Videos

We create innovative and appropriate solutions for public and private sector clients across multiple media channels. We add value to our client companies’ projects and we keep staff, customers and stakeholders entertained and informed.

Corporate video is one of the most effective methods to connect with a wider audience. It is a proven and powerful way to change people’s attitudes, as well as entertain, inform and motivate.

We design corporate videos for internal communications, recruitment, marketing, brand image, promotion and training. We provide the experience and expertise to communicate your message with clarity and intelligence.

We provide consulting, concepting, scripting, and casting, filming, graphics and design, voiceover recording, and editing. Our team consistently produces high quality, accurate, appropriate and stylish programs for internal and external audiences.

We work closely with our corporate clients to gain insight into their company, their people, products and culture. With constant focus on your audience, we turn your requirements into a creative and engaging program, delivering the desired results.

Music Videos

We create music videos that boost the artist’s profile and that creates a visual impression of an artist that’s ideal for presentations intended to secure representation or secure distribution.

Pre to Post-Production

We provide every client with the highest production value at the lowest cost. We provide a full range of support services either in piecemeal form or as a complete turnkey production company. We have an extensive network of technicians, production staff, crew, scriptwriters and talent with great skill and a tremendous amount of experience.

Movie Marketing & Promotions

Leveraging the background of our executive team and partnering with Sazas Design, Inc., we are able to customize and implement a marketing strategy to roll out the release of your movie, whether it be in the festival circuit, VOD sector or mainstream theatrical space.


We can assemble a legal and finance team that can take a project from start to finish. From the initial budgeting process and execution of deal memos and releases, through prep and production and, finally, the preparation of the final cost accounting, wrap folder and execution of distribution deals.

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